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Fine Chinese Antiquities in New York City

Well modeled pottery figures of two horses striding forward with head turned to the side, mouth open, ears pricked and knotted tail.  Unglazed/painted   Tang Dynasty (AD618 - 907)  Oxford T.L.  tested.  H. 22 in (56 cm)  L. 21 in (53.5 cm)

Large striding camel with foreign rider traveling with his dog on saddle.  Fine details of fur on head, neck and front legs.  Detachable saddle pack supporting cargo consisting of flask, carpet and vessel.  Pottery, painted/unglazed.   H.26.75 in (67.9 cm), L. 25 in (63.5 cm).  Oxford T.L.  tested.

Well modeled massive pottery white horse with detachable saddle striding forward with head turned to the side, mouth open, ears pricked and knotted tail slightly flicked up in an alert attitude.  Tang Dynasty (AD618 - 907)  H. 32.25 in (82 cm)  L. 30 in (76 cm)   Oxford T.L. tested and all samples consistent  (head, body and saddle).  Sold

Pottery figure of a walking camel with cargo load.  Fine details with the neck in an upright position and a curling tail.  Painted/unglazed with excellent patina.  Tang Dynasty (AD618 - 907)  H. 16.75 in (42.5 cm), L. 19.5 (49.5 cm)  Oxford T.L. tested. Sold

Pair of storage vessels with hill-covers.  Painted with an intricate scene of a hunter holding a crossbow and arrow after two hares in one jar and a deer and hare on the other.  The painting all around the vessel sets among a lavender, orange and white swirling landscape with a hill cover representing mountains covered with white clouds.  Western Han Dynasty (206 BC - AD 220)  H. 18 in (46 cm) Sold


Rare green-glazed watchtower with incised brick motifs, a single door slightly ajar with a balustraded gallery with four archers positioned at each corner. Fine details with a bird finial on top of a sloping roof and a circular basin with a fish and a large turtle at the center of the well.  Eastern Han Dynasty (AD25 - 220)  H. 27 in (68.7 cm)  Oxford T.L. tested.

Pottery figure of a court lady beautifully sculpted with a full face and plump body wearing a full loose-fitting gown by the waist falling down to the ground revealing only the tips of the intricate upturned flower shoes worn in an interior setting.   Unusually exposing her hands positioned as holding a missing bird.  Painted/unglazed.  Tang Dynasty (AD618 - 907).  H. 13.5 in (34.3 cm)  Oxford T.L. tested.

Rare pair of war soldiers wearing tiger head hoods adorned with a red round collar and tiger skin draped over their shoulders on a colorful armor.  The horses dressed with red mane and in full caparison with rosettes, in the shape of capped mushrooms, on their back and knotted tails.  Sui Dynasty (AD581-618).  H. 10.75 (27.3 cm), L. 9 in (23 cm).  Oxford T.L. tested. Sold


Pair of unglazed/painted pottery "wild horses".  Very good details with head slightly turned with open mouth.  Tang Dynasty (AD618-907).  H. 13.5 in  L. 13 in.  Oxford T.L. tested.  Sold


Very unusual Buddhist pottery offering jar or reliquary with a finial lotus flower on top of the lid surrounded by eight concentric spheres within an eight point star (wheel of law or truth) ending each with a thunderbolt (vajra) on relief (signifying the completion of all life cycles with the lotus as the symbol of purity and perfection, the Buddha born into the world rises above it).  The body of the vessel is covered by two tiers of foliage leaves, six each, with the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac and figures of lohans (monks), as they represented guidance through the different earthly cycles of life.  Yunnan Province.  AD10th - 12th C.   H. 11.5 in (29.2 cm).


Han Dynasty column with painted under relief geometrical designs.  Western Han Dynasty (206 BC - AD 220).  H. 43 in (109.2 cm)  L. 11 in (28 cm)  W. 6.5 in (16.5 cm).


Fine large jar symmetrically shaped, painted with brown swirl and dots motif.  Neolithic period, Machiayao culture, ca. 3500 BC.  H. 18.5 in (47 cm).  Oxford T.L.  tested.  Sold


Large red pottery jar with saddle shaped neck and two strap handles.  Neolithic Period, Siwa Culture, ca. 3500 B.C. H. 18 in. (46 cm).  Oxford T.L.  tested.  Sold


Large glazed painted jar with two birds with their expanded wings, as performing a mating ritual dance, within stylized foliate design over a white glaze on the upper half section, with four ribbed handles in the shape of leaves protruding from the base of the neck; as the lower half uniformly covered with a grayish brown glaze.  Yuan Dynasty (AD 1279-1368).  H. 22.5 in (57 cm).


Fine conical shape tea bowl with paper cut dark brown glaze decoration of two flying phoenixes and foliage in a buff ground light plum background with an exterior dark tortoiseshell glaze.  Jizhou ware.  Southern Song (AD1127 - 1279).  D. 5.8 in (14.7 cm)


Conical tea bowl with tortoiseshell glaze.  Exterior and interior dark brown glaze with splashes of transparent amber glaze.  Jizhou ware.  Southern Song (AD1127 - 1279).  D. 5.9 in (15 cm).


Conical shape tea bowl with brushed calligraphy and dragonfly with subtle rust color splash.  Jizhou ware.  Southern Song (AD1127-1279).  D. 5.75 in (14.6 cm). Sold


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Large  bowl, Cizhou type, with five russet evenly spaced splashes.  Light gray stoneware with dark brown glaze.  On the exterior, the dark glaze runs over a light brown glaze undercoat.  Flower marking on the unglazed base.  Northern black ware.  Jin Dynasty (AD 1115 - 1234).  D. 7.37 in (18.7 cm),  H. 3.125 in (7.9 cm).


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Large bowl, Cizhou type, with fine russet splashes shaped as petals over black glaze.  The black glazed on the exterior drips over a light brown underglazed.  A layer of russet glaze covers the lip over  the dark  glaze.  Light gray stoneware with a character or signature at the unglazed base.  Northern  black ware.  Jin Dynasty (AD 1115 - 1234).  D.7.31 in (18.56 cm),  H. 3.37 in (8.57 cm).


Tea bowl with an indented brown glazed lip.  Russet hare's fur streaks over a black glaze on the interior and the exterior to the glaze edge at the base.  Jian ware of dark gray stoneware.  Northern to Southern Song Dynasty (AD 12th - 13th C.)  D. 5.06 in (12.9 cm), H. 3 in (7.6 cm).


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