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Fine Tang Dynasty Art, Tang Dynasty Pottery in New York City

Unusual figure of a court lady, "Fat lady".  Elegantly standing erect with the head slightly upward.  Finely modeled and painted with intricate floral designs on robe and face.  Original pigments.  Tang Dynasty (AD618-907).   H. 11.75 in (29.8 cm).  Oxford T.L.  tested


Large court lady "Fat lady", elegant figure standing erect.  Finely modeled features.   Plump cheeks with traces of white slip and pink pigment.  Voluminous robe, elegantly draped decorated with fine detailed flowers and petals, representing sumptuous silk designs, falls with thick folds and sweeps the ground barely revealing only the top of her shoes.  Hairpiece elegantly resembling  a bird in flight.  Original pigments and excellent patina.   Tang Dynasty (AD618-907).  H. 19.7 in (50cm).  Oxford T.L.  tested 


Finely painted and gracefully standing pottery figure of a female attendant.  Unglazed, with border details painted red on elegant sleek white gown.  Western Han Dynasty (206BC-AD8).  H. 22 in (56 cm).  Oxford T.L.  tested.


Pair of standing attendants, court ladies.  Elegantly standing erect with head slightly bowing.  Hands clasped under sleeves and sleek robe ending in a fan-shaped on the floor.   Finely painted with good detailing.  Excellent patina with original pigment.  Western Han Dynasty (206BC-AD8).  H. 17.25 in (43.8 cm), W. 6.25 in (15.9 cm) at base.  Oxford T.L.  tested.


Group of finely painted attendants.    Robes finely detailed with original pigments in pale purplish blue, lavender, brown, and geometric pattern.   Western Han Dynasty (206BC-AD8).  Tallest figure, H. 12.4 in (31.4 cm), shortest figure, H. 7.5 in (19 cm).  Oxford T.L.  tested.


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Two  ladies, one pregnant, one nursing her child, finely expressing their motherhood instinct.  Brown glaze.  Eastern Han Dynasty (AD25-220).  H. 6 in (15.2 cm), H. 3.75 in (9.5 cm).

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