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Chinese Antiquities in New York City, Chinese Art, Chinese Antiques, Fine Chinese Antiquities

The Alberto Manuel Cheung Gallery On the Web

Chinese Antiquities in New York City, Chinese Art, Chinese Antiques, Han Dynasty Pottery, Tang Dynasty Pottery and Ceramics, Tang Dynasty horses, Song Dynasty Bowls and Ceramics

Welcome to the Alberto Manuel Cheung Gallery on the web.  On this site you will find very fine quality Chinese antiquities directly from sources in China.  As an avid collector for over fifteen years with a keen eye for beautiful pieces, Alberto Manuel Cheung searches for very fine and unusual pieces, especially pottery and ceramic objects.  After a seven year tenure with the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Conservation Department in New York City, he opened his first gallery to the public on the East Side at the Manhattan Art and Antiques Center on 56th St. and Second Avenue in 1997.  In February of 2003 he moved his gallery to its present location on East 57th Street.  Every Spring, in New York City, Mr. Cheung exhibits in the annual fair "The Arts of Pacific Asia Show" a very prestigious event in Asian antiquities.  Reviews of his pieces and shows have appeared in publications including Orientations from Hong Kong, The Asian Art Newspaper from London, and the New York Times, as in the article "A Dynasty in Which Pottery Ruled" by Wendy Moonan, in March of 2001.  Mr. Cheung's fine pieces are found in major collections and museums in the U.S.  For price information, restoration or special requests, e-mail or contact the gallery.

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