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Map of China with Major Kiln Sites and Glossary 

Cizhou -  Wares produced in kilns located in the northern province of Hebei, known as ceramics prefecture.  Typical designs were in brown or black glaze over white.  Painted, carved (sgrafiatto technique), or impressed on the surface.  Cizhou wares appeared during the Northern Song Period, Jin, through Yuan in the 13th Century.

Ganzhou - Located in the province of Jiangxi, South of Jizhou.   

Jingdezhen  - Became the center of Chinese porcelain  with the production of blue-white porcelain wares in the fourteenth century.  Numerous kilns were in production from the twelfth century in the Song Dynasty.

Jizhou wares  -  Mostly dark glazed ceramics produced at the Jizhou kiln in Jiangxi province, Southern China.  Jizhou wares  are well known for its  beautiful and delicate  papercut, tortoiseshell and imprints of leave designs.

Xixia - Located in the Ningxia province, bordering Inner Mongolia in the North, Gansu province to  the West and South,  and partially bordering Shaanxi province to the East.


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