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Map of China with Major Kiln Sites and Glossary 

Jiangxi province in the South of China, North of Guangdong and West of Fujian provinces.  From this province, very well known kilns were founded as Jizhou and Jingdezhen, the latter to become the center of Chinese porcelain production in the Ming Dynasty.

Qingbai ware also known as Jinqing ,"bluish white"  porcelains mostly from the Southern province of Jiangxi. Thinly potted, the glazes are translucent with a pale bluish tinge.  Qingbai ware were made from the Song Dynasty through the fourteenth century.

Shangjing or Shenyang located in the province of Liaoning (Manchuria), North of Beijing in the province of Hebei.

Yaozhou wares, stonewares from kilns found in Shaanxi province from late Tang into the Song dynasty.  Among its most famous pieces are the well known fine celadon wares gracefully impressed or molded with floral designs beneath their translucent olive colored glazes.


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